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Weight Loss Simplified

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The best part of my day today has been reading the introductions from all of I have decided to join you. I am a patient of Amanda's and have been on a journey with her to reduce the signs of aging for 2 years. I am 60 and while I exercise regularly including HIIT/LISS, weight training and run several half marathons a year - post menopause has still made weight management very difficult. I have found it impossible to move the scale and found my BMI was registering me as overweight/obese. I witnessed Amanda's weight loss journey and knew once I saw the results I needed to try this.

I suspect with high stress levels- my cortisol was high and regardless of how clean I was eating, weight creep got the better of me.

I am Mom to 7 beautiful adult children (2 are mine, 5 are his) and 2 beautiful granddaughters (3 and 2). I want to be my healthiest self for them and me ❤️.

I started my journey with phentermine and am on week 7 and have lost 9.7 pounds. I am transitioning next week to the injection to work on the next 10 which will bring me to my goal.

This program has been a blessing for me and the group here a wonderful place to share and experience everyone's success. I am grateful for all of you!

Evelyn Martinez
Amanda Rand, PA-C
Amanda Rand, PA-C
Amanda Rand, PA-C
Jan 21, 2023

Teresa I just adore everything about you. I’m so happy you have trusted me in the last few years with all things injectable and now weight loss! So so happy to see you here and winning !! For those that don’t know!!! Teresa tan a marathon as tinker bell at 60!!! Does it get anymore badass then that!!!!



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