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Weight Loss Simplified

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Down 30 pounds!!! I am celebrating by going on a shopping spree 🤪


Hello hello everyone!!!

We have tons of new members and I'm ready to hear some feedback!!!

How is everyone doing and feeling ??

We have both now tirzepatide and semaglutide! I have even had to switch some people as they may have plateaued !


As many of you are now enjoying the journey and feeling better - I encourage you to use our nutrition coach to help transition you into a lifetime of health and good choices! He helped teach me what foods and what portions worked best for my age and body type! His info can be found on the announcement page! Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


New week! How is everyone feeling in their skin as warm weather approaches with a few less pounds on?!

Let's get some good summer recipes to share!


on week 6 - took a week off without the shot to get my constipation under control but continued a healthy diet. down 13 pounds!

Amanda Rand, PA-C


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