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Weight Loss Simplified

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Hey everyone! My name is Sara. I started this weight loss program with Amanda about 5 weeks ago. I have a son, almost 2 and working two jobs as an NP. I gained a majority of my weight after I stopped breast feeding and actually when I switched from night shift (never really eating) to day shift. I barely recognize myself. I just upped my dose this month and can relate to some of you with the symptoms! I'm only down about 7lbs, but that's progress (I am learning to be patient with myself and the process). I usually get nauseous on injection day for about 24 hrs, and I noticed I'll get a little headache. I noticed on this dose I'm less hungry, which is good! I've also made adjustments to my diet and water intake and also get on my elliptical 4-5x a week. I am hoping I see some great results!

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