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Weight Loss Simplified

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We love to see you on this journey! At Blu Aesthetics we believe the real secret to weightloss is multi modal approach. While we know these medications do work, we also know that lifestyle modification and proper nutrition is what will yield you life long results!

We have paired with a Macro Coach to help you dial in your nutrition! So while the medications will help curb your appetite, this coach will help navigate food choices and restaurant menus!

Macro counting is a great way to fuel your body with the proper protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake daily! You can track this simply through My Fitness Pal!

Macro Mike has partnered with Blu to help guide you through nutrition via Macros!

He is offering all our weightloss clients a special pricing!

For 12 weeks of coaching it will be $199!

He can be contacted at :

+1 (917) 882-4249

You can also peak at his services via his Facebook page:

Use code: BluAesthetics when you reach out so he can honor the special pricing!

We want to see all of you win, not only this month but in the months and years to come!


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