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About Our Chemical Peels

Our jessner chemical peel will refine your skin safely.

In addition to our Jessner chemical peels, we also offer skinbetter chemical peels in two different strengths. Whether you need a light touch up or a deeper peel, we will determine together  which modality is best for the outcomes you desire.

As always, we encourage you to take great care of your skin as part of your daily routine.  This patented formulation utilizes a triple-acid construction enhanced with retinoid. We have skinbetter’s exfoliating peel pads that you can use from the comfort of your home. This is a patented formulation that utilizes the triple-acid construction and is enhanced with a patented retinoid. You can use these peel pads to exfoliate your skin and leave it bright and smooth between your appointments in the office.

We put the “med” in med spa.
Don’t let the word “chemical” scare you. Our chemical peels are medical grade and backed by the highest level of safety and science, just as with all of our procedures. We take your safety seriously and are happy to answer questions about our chemical peels or any other Blu Aesthetic treatments.

A smooth and brighter face is just a peel away!

Jessner Peel

Jessner peel refines the skin by using three essential acids:

  1. Salicylic acid which is a form of BHA
  2. Lactic Acid which is a form of AHA
  3. Citric Acid

All three help brighten, smooth, decrease acne and pigmentation while lightening existing scarring.


We offer two strengths of Skinbetter chemical peels for office treatments in addition to alpharet exfoliating peel pads for home use.

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